My name is Bee Nguyen and I’m running to represent you in House District 89.

I was born to a father working as an orderly at a mental institution. He made minimum wage — $3.35 an hour in 1981. At night, he studied in our basement apartment and used a cardboard box as his desk. He believed education was the only way to escape poverty.

My resourceful mother raised five independent daughters. She took us to church every Sunday and made sure we always gave back to the community.

My family inspired me to start my own nonprofit to educate and empower girls in under-resourced schools. I gave up the security of my job, including health insurance, because I believe advocating for youth is an investment for all Georgia families. I will work tirelessly because health insurance, livable wages, and quality education should not be bargaining chips for any person.


Yes, Bee Can! The community believes in Bee's leadership.

I have spent the last decade of my life advocating for women and girls, communities of color, and refugee families. I believe every voice matters and will fight for underrepresented Georgians at our Capitol.